Saturday, February 2, 2013

Second Day: Twenty Degrees Warmer and Dropping...

Wyatt Farm in Mannington Township, September, 2012.
On Thursday, January 31, measuring continued at the Wyatt Farm with Becky Sheppard, Cate Morrissey, (Lord) Alex Till, (Lady) Alex Tarantino, Keisha Gonzalez, Jenn Nichols, Ginny Davidowski, Michael Emmons and myself. Cate's and my crews worked in the house, completing the basement plan, first floor framing, and first floor plan. After lunch, Cate's crew moved to the barn and mine moved to the second floor of the house. Becky's crew labored all day in the cold granary. I took no photos, as I was in the measuring groove!

At lunch, the group gathered in the kitchen to eat, enjoying conversation in the presence of the very large and ancient cooking fireplace and hearth. A question I hope to resolve is, what period is this portion? Did it come first, or was it always the kitchen wing of the double-pile section? The interior of the fireplace shows evidence of change, such a second bread oven.

There is a very worn tread on the stairs to the second floor that Mr. Hancock used to slip on nearly every day, it is said. Upon exploring the layout of the house Professor Sheppard found the same step and took Mr. Hancock's traditional tumble, but no harm done (thankfully!).

Also dropping was the temperature. Starting around a bearable 49 degrees F in the morning, it dropped into the thirties by mid-afternoon. When brain freeze began to set in, the day was called at about 3 PM.

Thursday was a good window between a warm day of rain the day before, and a cold day of snow the next. Moving right along...

Next week, we hope to finish at the Wyatt Farm.

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