Saturday, May 25, 2013

After the field notes...

I've been quiet. The work of measuring the buildings in the field is done (mostly), and my current push is to get them drawn in AutoCAD in my office. It seems less interesting for blogging, but it's challenging and I always learn something about the field methods of myself and others: what works best and what does not; what was missed that I need to go back for, etc. Something always gets missed, so matter how hard you try.

There is other fieldwork ahead of me, too. Such as photographing and taking survey notes on each building's facades and rooms, materials and finishes, structure and alterations, sufficient to write up the CRS (cultural resource survey) forms. As this is an intensive-level survey, I must write descriptive and historical narratives, not to mention an evaluation of National Register eligibility. What is the significance here? What have we learned?

A preliminary AutoCAD drawing of the Corn Crib/Wagon House and Shed at Triangle Farm. I plot the drawing and mark it up with my questions to answer in the field